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Fresh fruits
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Apple Kashmiri Medium (कश्मीरी सेब) -13%

Apple Kashmiri Medium (कश्मीरी सेब)

Considered as most commonly grown apples in India, Shimla apples have a light red skin, juicy and cr..

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Apple Kashmiri Premium (कश्मीरी सेब) -11%

Apple Kashmiri Premium (कश्मीरी सेब)

ABOUTA fruit specially for the ones with a sweet tooth, Fuji apples are the sweetest apples around a..

Rs.39.97 Rs.45.00 Ex Tax: Rs.39.97

Apple Washington Imported Quality -7% Out Of Stock

Apple Washington Imported Quality

The Washington Apple is a fabulous and fun drink. It's a tasty whiskey cocktail that combi..

Rs.232.00 Rs.250.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.00

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Deshari Aam (Mango) 1kgs -11% Out Of Stock

Deshari Aam (Mango) 1kgs

Grown in different parts of Northern India, Dasheri mango is elongated in shape and with a yellow or..

Rs.49.00 Rs.55.00 Ex Tax: Rs.49.00

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Grapes green 1kg -6% Out Of Stock

Grapes green 1kg

Exclusively grown in Chikkaballapur, Bangalore Urban and Kolar districts, these soft skinned Fresho ..

Rs.74.99 Rs.80.00 Ex Tax: Rs.74.99

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Guava ( Amrood ) 1kg -14% Out Of Stock

Guava ( Amrood ) 1kg

Savour the green guavas along with hard, pale yellow edible seeds. The off-white flesh is crunchy an..

Rs.69.00 Rs.80.00 Ex Tax: Rs.69.00

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Kiwi Green 2 Pcs -40%

Kiwi Green 2 Pcs

Kiwis are oval shaped with a brownish outer skin. The flesh is bright green and juicy with tiny, edi..

Rs.89.85 Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.89.85

Mosambi 1kg -43% Out Of Stock

Mosambi 1kg

Fresh Mosambis are of the best quality, handpicked and sourced directly from the farmers of Anantapu..

Rs.40.00 Rs.70.00 Ex Tax: Rs.40.00

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Muskmelon - Organically Grown 1 pcs -33% Out Of Stock

Muskmelon - Organically Grown 1 pcs

Having a netlike/ reticulated skin covering, its a round melon with firm, orange, moderately sweet f..

Rs.30.00 Rs.45.00 Ex Tax: Rs.30.00

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Orange ( Santra ) 1kg -9% Out Of Stock

Orange ( Santra ) 1kg

Navel oranges are very sugary and juicy and considered to be the world's finest orange for fresh con..

Rs.59.00 Rs.65.00 Ex Tax: Rs.59.00

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Papaya ( papeeta ) 1kg -9% Out Of Stock

Papaya ( papeeta ) 1kg

Semi ripe papayas have blend of sweet buttery consistency and sour taste. They are half green and ha..

Rs.64.00 Rs.70.00 Ex Tax: Rs.64.00

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Pineapple ( Ananas ) 1kg -33% Out Of Stock

Pineapple ( Ananas ) 1kg

With the shape of a pine cone, the fruit is loosely fibrous and juicy with white to yellowish flesh...

Rs.40.00 Rs.60.00 Ex Tax: Rs.40.00

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Premium Quality Pomegranate (अनार) -10% Out Of Stock

Premium Quality Pomegranate (अनार)

ABOUTPomegranate Kesar has a vibrant, soft and shiny ruby-red skin. This nutritious, antioxidant ric..

Rs.44.97 Rs.50.00 Ex Tax: Rs.44.97

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Ripe Banana (केला) -20%

Ripe Banana (केला)

Relish the soft, buttery texture of Robusta bananas that are light green and have a great fragrance ..

Rs.19.97 Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.19.97

Tender Coconut 1pcs -11% Out Of Stock

Tender Coconut 1pcs

Young, fresh and healthy tender coconuts are a pure, tasty and nutritious energy drink that keeps th..

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