Dal / pulses

Dal / pulses
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Bakla Dal -15%

Bakla Dal


Rs.21.23 Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.21.23

Best Quality Arhar /Toor Dal -6%

Best Quality Arhar /Toor Dal

Toor Dal is the most widely-used form of the lentil. It is used in popular recipes. It tastes delici..

Rs.116.95 Rs.125.00 Ex Tax: Rs.116.95

Desi Arhar/Toor Dal (Chilka) -5% Out Of Stock

Desi Arhar/Toor Dal (Chilka)


Rs.94.95 Rs.100.00 Ex Tax: Rs.94.95

Out of Stock 
Fortune Arhar Dal / Toor Dal -8%

Fortune Arhar Dal / Toor Dal

Fortune Arhar dal has been sourced from the best farms, resulting in excellent quality, delicio..

Rs.132.95 Rs.145.00 Ex Tax: Rs.132.95

Fortune Chana Dal -10%

Fortune Chana Dal


Rs.44.95 Rs.50.00 Ex Tax: Rs.44.95

Jstclick Mix Dal -7%

Jstclick Mix Dal


Rs.64.95 Rs.70.00 Ex Tax: Rs.64.95

Khada Masoor -29%

Khada Masoor


Rs.21.23 Rs.30.00 Ex Tax: Rs.21.23

Khada Matar (Sukha Matar) -23%

Khada Matar (Sukha Matar)

Peas White are a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, is a very fine supply o..

Rs.19.23 Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.19.23

Masoor Dal -21%

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is one of the most well-known Indian lentils. This dal is with no skin and red in color. ..

Rs.23.72 Rs.30.00 Ex Tax: Rs.23.72

Matar Dal -21%

Matar Dal

Peas White are a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, is a very fine supply o..

Rs.19.73 Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.19.73

Medium Quality Arhar/Toor Dal -5%

Medium Quality Arhar/Toor Dal

Toor Dal is grown in vigorous soil and hygienic environment at their end. These are rich supply of p..

Rs.104.95 Rs.110.00 Ex Tax: Rs.104.95

Moong Dal -15%

Moong Dal

Moong dal is sweet-tasting, yellow-coloured, split green moong beans, husked. These are high in fibr..

Rs.33.95 Rs.40.00 Ex Tax: Rs.33.95

Normal Desi Chana -28%

Normal Desi Chana

Organic Brown Chana comes in the kind of legumes in the family of chickpeas. It is high in proteins...

Rs.17.95 Rs.25.00 Ex Tax: Rs.17.95

Pre Urad Dal Green (Split) -9%

Pre Urad Dal Green (Split)

Urad, also known as white lentil or black lentil is a kind of bean from List of Indian Dals and most..

Rs.41.00 Rs.45.00 Ex Tax: Rs.41.00

Pre. Dhoi Urad Dal -19%

Pre. Dhoi Urad Dal

Urad dal is popularly soaked and ground to make batter for dosas, idlis , vadas, etc. It is used in ..

Rs.32.47 Rs.40.00 Ex Tax: Rs.32.47